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The True Vine by Andrew Murray

The True Vine – by Andrew Murray 

Abiding in Christ was the cornerstone of Andrew Murray’s life and ministry. He also served as the first president of the Young Men’s Christian Fellowship (YMCA).

Not only was he the author of over 240 books, he was also a man of great prayer. Through his private devotion with the Savior, he learned that laughter and fellowship were two of life’s most important activities. As a preacher, he consistently drew large crowds and led many to trust Christ as their Savior

To a greater extent than almost any other religious writer of our age Bro. Murray possessed the insight and the authority of one of the prophets of olden time. At critical moments in the history of the church he never failed to raise his voice and to direct attention to the real issues.

Those who knew him agreed that there was no man who could rise to a great occasion like Andrew Murray. He possessed the gift of speaking, at the right season, the right and just word, of opening up the larger view and kindling the nobler emotions. This gift he exercised in his writings also.

The True Vine By Andrew Murray

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