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Foxes Book of Martyrs – John Foxe

Foxes Book of Martyrs by John Foxe 

“After the Bible itself, no book so profoundly influenced early Protestant sentiment as the Book of Martyrs. Even in our time it is still a living force.

It is more than a record of persecution. It is an arsenal of controversy, a storehouse of romance, as well as a source of edification.”– James Miller Dodds, English Prose.

This is a book that will never die, so long as men love and serve our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is one of the great English classics, and is more interesting than if it were fiction.

It was written with both passion and tenderness, and tells the dramatic story of some of the most thrilling periods in all of Christian history.

Foxes Book of Martyrs – John Foxe

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