About The Author

Everest John Alexander - Bible Teacher, Author, Network MarketerEverest John Alexander is a Bible Teacher, Author and Internet Marketer.

He’s been teaching the Bible for over 23 years, pastored for 4 years, been involved with Home Based Businesses for 20 years and Internet Marketing for 15.

He’s married to his best friend of 34 years, Loraine. They’ve been married for 27 years and they have two beautiful children, Andrew (28) and Jade (24).

They’ve been living on Florida’s Treasure Coast since 2001 but originally hail from the beautiful twin island Nation of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean (Tobago is pronounced “Tuh-BAY-go” NOT “Tuh-BAG-o”)

Everest has written and self-published several Christian Ebooks that have been sold and downloaded in 16 countries on 5 continents across the globe.

His latest Ebook is called, “Understanding How to Pray Effectively” and he has several more Ebooks in the process of being written and published.

Everest is about to launch a series of Bible Study Courses designed to help Christians understand the major doctrines of the Bible more easily!

Get full access to all his Christian Literature, Videos and Bible Courses at his Free Online Christian Community called, Kingdom Learning Network.




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